Med Tech Training 0074

“Med Tech Training 0074”

Starring Verronica Kirei

This video follows course guidelines for Med Tech 517A: Forensics. It is intended as supplemental training material to be used with The Essentials of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, 13th Edition (Marshall, J. F., 2015).

Date: 06.27.2017

Class: Med Tech 517A: Forensics

Instructor: Dr. Wild

Subject: Verronica Kirei(Paid Actress)

Dr. Wild decided to give his class a show. They had extra money in the budget and the girl, the model, she was doing it for class credit. “What was her name?” He searched his brain for a moment and the it came to him. Verronica. With two R’s, she was very emphatic about that. “Odd.” he thought and then she was in the doorway.

The theater department had done a marvelous job. Crimson scratches and dark bruises marred her otherwise pretty face. The purple pattern around her neck perfectly mimicked the look of a strangulation victim. If the make-up department has done their job, there should also be an ecchymotic pattern suggestive of a liver laceration along her right flank. The university was pretty small, so the faculty got to know each other pretty well. When Dr. Wild discovered that the make-up department had a guy who had worked with Tom Savini on staff, an idea began to develop.

It was an added bonus that Verronica had agreed to be the model. He had never really noticed her before, but in a class of over a hundred, that’s hardly surprising. But when she came to his office, desperate to raise her falling grades, asking if, maybe, there was … something she could do for class credit? She had such a young, girl-next-door look about her, an air of innocence, that he knew he just had to see her naked. He made up the story about the modeling job for the class video being for class credit. It came to him in a flash. Of course they would never have a student model for such a video. Sharing a campus with students who have seen your body stripped naked, legs and ass cheeks spread wide, objects inserted into your mouth and cunt? How humiliating would that be?

But Verronica didn’t know that. No, this would be for his personal, private collection. Although, he did agree to give a copy to the make-up guy. Thoughts of such a video finding its way to the internet made him pause to think. “Hmm, I wonder if I should tell him not to share that with anyone, that a young woman’s life could be ruined, her most private and intimate details available for anyone to see?” Then, his momentary uncertainty faded and he thought, “Fuck it.” and helped Verronica onto the table.

 Fetish Elements: (SC) Morgue, Body Fondling, Clothes Cutting, Body Flopping, Morgue Examination, Fingerprints, Mouth Probing, Breast Exam, Tongue Examination, Vaginal Temperature, Foot Views, Body Views, Limb Play, Limp Fetish, Medical Fetish, CSI, Body Inspection, Medical Clinic, Nudity, FX Make-Up.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word “teen”, “teenage”, “young girl” is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

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